Amy gee

Amy Gee from the very beginning, inscribed in its DNA the vocation to seek the complete representation of a multi-faceted woman, proposing outfits with the latest content of a continuous evolving trend.

This is also the leitmotiv of the new AMY GEE Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

The guideline of the collection comes from what the trend suggests, in relation to a woman, who is always more careful to be suitable in each occasion that everyday life offers, from work-look, to party-dress, through the always ready to go jogging kit.

Various themes that structure the collection, but consequential and well coordinated.

They range from BASIC together with THIS NIGHT and SKULL & TULL, enhancing the sporty side of AMY GEE woman and her desire to transgress and dare with skulls, studs, tulle, and fluorescent colors and glitter, through the BON TON daily formal-chic characterized by pastel colors and logos in pearls and rhinestones.

We still find the invasion of shock and fluorescent colors in COLOUR & FASHION combined with fresh and light fabrics of RIBBON PLISSÈ, leading to the attractive refinement of LUXURY, featuring gold detailing and sequins, as opposed to METAL SPORT with studded graphics and Glitter effects. Finally, arriving to military hint of the SOFT MILITARY and to the marine style of blue and white stripes of YACHT & FASHION that leads us straight to the peak of the collection with the FLOWER POWER: it is a real tribute to summer, sun, freedom, characterized by floral dresses and prints full of bright, fresh colors, enhanced by the freshness and lightness of the fabrics.

Amy Gee, therefore, through the freshness of fabrics, patterns, and colors protagonists of the SS13 collection, doesn't give up positivity, showing confidence towards a future that, although it appears weighed down by dark and gloomy shadows typical of the time, promises great opportunities for those who, while not betraying their own tradition, make of the renewal their own strength.