Angelo Marani

Giulia Marani was born in 1984 in Correggio, a small town in Emilia-Romagna, a prosperous region full of generous people rich in courage, imagination and passion.
When she was 19 years old she moved to Florence to study Fashion Design at the Faculty of Architecture. She graduated with full marks by discussing her final essay titled "Mysterious collection in Manhattan. A collection of super technological dresses inspired by Woody Allen's movies".
Well aware of the unsteady equilibrium of today's fashion world, she is very sensitive to the market requests, but without sacrificing her own inspiration to them, she has the ambition to influence people's way of dressing, thanks to the value of the collections she offers. Without disdaining either the niche product or the mainstream one, she aims to carry out her own vision to find a place in a new and original way in the fashion world.
Giulia Marani's own collection is for women who avoid banality, with a special flair for curiosity and an experimental disposition. They possess personality and taste and dress in a refined and sophisticated way, but always with wise measure. Giulia tries then to combine refinement with practicality, experiment with the fitting of each garment.
Her collection, already appreciated by the international jet-set of the famous holiday resorts (Montecarlo, St. Barth) and of the most important cities (Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg) meets the requests of a vast public and many people who share the same disposition of being open-minded to the world, rather then sharing a precise style, can appreciate her creations, and maybe they can "interpret" them following their own sensibility. A distinguishing feature is the possibility of matching these garments in several different ways: this peculiar chance is based on a designer's wish to offer such an opportunity before designing the whole collection.
Her design philosophy can be summed up with the words "research" and "creation", which she carries out with energy and vision.