When art, creativeness and cosmopolitanism of the stylist Anna Cosci is blended with the class, the quality and the professional know-how of the "Made In Italy", is generated a synergistic response to the continuous and growing demand of Certainties, Sensuality and Femininity without any kind of barrier. 

By this mixture born Anna Cosci, a philosophy of life represented by an exclusive collection of dresses Prèt-à-porter Made In Italy, for women of today and tomorrow. No longer a woman "locked in luxury" or tendencies of cultural division typical of past ages, but a woman that "lives the luxury", who is an integral part of society, energetic, self-confident, determined to reach her dreams, worldly, a cosmopolitan woman who expresses herself maintaining however the attractive femininity that makes her glamorous, sexy and engaging. Each collection in fact will be dedicated to the modern city and absorb the atmosphere as a whole, its characteristics, its particular details and the silhouette. This trend gives the collection a strong meaning, because every dress has its own history and therefore enjoy of own life, it is created as a result of a careful search combined with emotions of instinctive impact typical of the large cities. For the season Spring-Summer 2013, Anna Cosci has designed and produced a preview composed by 23 dresses for women inspired to Sydney, Australia. The next city will remain a secret and a total look will be awaited.