Accessible glamour.

Bagatt’s mission is to stir emotions and make sure as many people as possible can enjoy them.

Whether it is a moccasin, a sneaker, or a 12 cm heel, the experience and the strength of a group come together in high fashion products, crafted with skill and superior quality. Bagatt brings to the market shoes, handbags, and accessories through its network of flagship stores and through its growing list of franchisees.

Passion and solidity are the key words that lay the foundation for success. Bagatt enjoys excellent brand awareness, thanks to its widespread retail distribution and advertising campaigns that feature strong visual impact.

Can a single word identify a company? For us, the answer is yes. Especially when the word summarizes a trade and becomes symbolic of a world. In the Lombard and Piedmontese dialect, Bagatt describes the artisan who crafts and repairs shoes. In 1984, the founder of the brand revived this age-old title for his company on the banks of Lago Maggiore. It embodied an ancient trade and translated it into the lexicon of modernity. Bagatt is synonymous with shoes as soon as you say its name.

Each step was taken with a love for the product, passion, knowledge of the markets, and attention to human resources. As a result, the multifaceted, dynamic world of Bagatt took shape, with an ability to evolve in tune with the fashion trends and desires of the modern shopper.