For the lady that feels ever so provocative and naturally sensual, the Christie’s line of lingerie is designed with a touch of grace, class and a little of irony, remind her that she would always be appreciated.

Nearly 30 years since its creation, Christies Lingerie has been able to establish itself a world renowed brand, with a huge presence in Italian and International markets.

This increased visibility has grown with the public’s approval, especially among the ladies, ladies who are competent and selective in their choice of clothing, which needs to be comfortable to wear and still sexy enough to show off in the bedroom.

During the 90′s, the company decided to launch a new label called Naory, in a bid to diversify its customer base. Naory is more geared towards the upper-class ,arket, with higher quality and fashion content in terms of fabric and workmanship..

Following Naory, Christie’s come up with the Christies Femme, a seasonally released line of lingerie, which includes body suits with sized cups, bras, and hi-tech versions, which are sophisticated but still elegant.

At present Christies Lingerie is actively engaged in the research and development of new materials, styles and models, while keeping a keen eye on the ever changing needs of its customers.