Colmar began producing a few garments that could work for skiing, along with its main business at the time, which was work clothes. They were made of pure cotton treated with chemical agents to make them resistant to washing and non-shrink.

Colmar is the main sponsor for the Alpine Ski World Cup and is involved in various promotional activities, as a supplier for organization committees in Alta Badia, Val Gardena, Cortina, and prestigious ski schools. The company also gives special attention to the youngest category of skiers, helping promote the “Trofeo Topolino” and “Pinocchio on Skis” competitions. The brand also participates in two of the top fairs: Ispo Winter (Munich) and Prowinter (Bolzano).

Colmar successfully continues its business in the world of snow sports and, thanks to its commitment to research, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech, high-performance, ultra-light sportswear items.