Conte of Florence was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of the present-day President, Romano Boretti. In 1958, he transformed shop CON.T.E (Confezione Tessuti Eleganti), formed 6 years previously, into a small hat production company. The name of the first shop “Conte” and the strong tie to Florence, Romano Boretti’s Hometown, gave birth to the brand Conte of Florence and the “C with the lily” logo. Conte of Florence and its logo soon became one of the most recognised and appreciated leaders in the sports world. The popularity of the Florentine company continued to grow thanks to the their sponsorship of the 1969 “Nazionale Italiana di Sci Alpino” (National Italian Alpine Ski). In fact, initiating relationships with new talents as Gustavo Thoeni and Piero Gross in the "Valanga Azzurra" (Victory of the Blue Team), followed soon after by the young athletes Alberto Tomba and Deborah Compagnoni, earned them continued success.