The first collection was born in the 2007, inspired by military items, technical items and casual items, which have in common the being historical garments, all part of the “memory”.
There is an accurate attention to details and fabrics research, to re-interpret and glamorize the vintage and wore look of these items.

Materials are cottons and naturals fibers, that are treated in a traditional way and sometimes also by using manual processes, so to obtain the “vintage” effect.

The fabrics which often are heavy and rigid assume a protective function for the lighter and softer ones which have the direct contact with the skin.

The first woman items was born after 2 seasons, starting on the same bases like the man’s world. The collection is the result of the transfer of man’s styles and fabrics to woman. It’s the adaptation of these to a strong and sensual woman: a contemporary woman. Most of the people think they have to run after the fashion. For someone else, instead, we have to run with our own style. Department has its roots in the tradition, pursues its own research and it has its own history and style.

We are in a very special moment, because the fashion is experiencing and enjoying that style, the Department style.

“I saw the Department 5 idea wore by a man for the first time in the 70’, at the ‘Montagnola’ market in Bologna. He was selling military German bermuda pants and shirts, his name was Yvan.

During the years I’ve been to the flea market of Paris and to Portobello market in London, I always found that man: first he was speaking Italian, then French and then English … that is the inspiration for Department 5.