Dimattia, sartorial but easy-to-wear brand from the North of Italy, fits a contemporary man who pays attention to details and style.

The mission coincides with the absolute excellence in the creation of garments and it’s achieved by the presence of a family business of 40 years in textile industry, behind the young brand.

By the way, the quality is not the only feature of Dimattia’s collections which are also fresh and stylish in both the proposed lines: White and Vintage Flavour.

The first one, classic and clean, the second one more particular and refined, with a touch from the past; both declined in tons of different tints and with little, unique details like the three small buttons with the Italian flag colors.

Each model of pants has the name of an Italian city or an island to bring an idea of adventure, tourism and pleasure and to spread a little of Italian touch around the world.

The last editions of Pitti Immagine Uomo, held in Florence, prized Dimattia as a quality and original total look brand for menswear.