Evatini, prestigious Italian brand since 1989, designs and creates handmade jewels and accessories, appreciated worldwide for their unique charm.

This precious articles are shaped with the most innovative techniques, using high quality row-materials such as Swarovsky crystals, natural stones, resins, pearls and hand-woven metal strings.

Mixing this elements together with passion and talent, Evatini gives birth to inimitable pieces which are all different and unique.

Here the force of this brand: to be able to satisfy luxury standards and demanding clients all around the world, but still staying simple and small.

Evatini is a family business: mother and daughter design and cooperate together from a little laboratory in the centre of Milan, the Italian hearth of art and fashion.To wear an Evatini piece is to wear something that nobody can have the same, rich in details and in the value of handicraft.

The last innovation of this brand  is to combine jewels and footwear for a precious object with an elegant and comfortable design:  the “click clack” ballet slippers. The clip-on buttons, meant to be used on the flats, are interchangeable so that the shoes can be worn differently throughout the day: perfect item for a woman that must be ready for different occasions in a trip or during the same day, without having to change outfits.

And how to forget the inspiration it takes from classical art work? Such as necklaces and bracelets with colors and shapes that remind the famous pictures of Klimt. In one word: creativity!

Evatini stands out for its continuous experimentation and the constant research it does into shapes and materials.


An Evatini collection will be available in the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED concept stores from August 2012, in Shanghai as well.