Founded in 1979, FLY3, inspired by the owner's passion for sailing, conceives a water-repellent and anti-pilling yarn that grants the company the award of I.W.S. as the best manufacturer of superwashable yarns.

After two years the ARCHETIPI line is launched. Some items remain unaltered and are thus named “Archetipi”: the materials and handmade manufacturing will remain unchanged until 2008.

In 2007, by introducing the HI-TEX technology, the company reaches  the Weatherly patent : the result is a lightweight, reversible and seamless sweater, with wool on one side, cotton on the other. A version in cashmere and cotton follows after.

Since this moment FLY3 knitwear will be designed with this technology, evolving in WHITELY effect (whitened color on one side, plain on the other) and 2SHADE (authentic two colors all in one garment).

FLY 3 is the right choice to have a hi-tech product with an easy-to-wear style, rich in colors and suitable for any occasions.