Fornarina company was founded in 1947 with only the attitude towards innovation, experimentation and the search for new markets. Forerunner of fashion and trends, is a must for entire generations. A story full of events and emotions, yet to be written with the new projects that will bring Fornarina always at the forefront of market dynamics.

Fornarina has always change its raison d'etre. Female, unpredictable, glamor, anticipates the evolution of style through research and innovation. A brand closer to their consumers, synchronized with the dizzying transformation of a global world.

Femininity, originality and glamor are the leitmotiv that distinguish the different projects FORNARINA.

The imagery ranges from the most sophisticated styling etiquette and rebellious rock attitude for a result absolutely ready to tread the cool cosmopolitan street of the biggest metropolis.

Fornarina thrives on innovation and produces. Through more than half a century of history interpreting the spirit of the times, always maintaining a unique and unmistakable style.

Fornarina embodies a woman irresistibly glamorous, sexy, ultra-feminine and absolutely up-to-date!