Francesco Lozano Shoes brand was created in 2011 when Mr. Francesco Lozano had done an agreement with a shoemaker house in Portugal. Two generations of artisan shoes gives us the experience when We create a new shoe, the father of the actual master cobbler give to his son the knowledge that now We are using to make the shoes We sell under the new brand Francesco Lozano Shoes, only the best quality of materials can be used to do our final product, the combination of best leathers and calf give us the result of one’s of the best shoes you can find around the world. 

Our production is in Portugal, and Francesco Lozano Shoes headquarters is in Barcelona (Spain), this is the result of the best cooperation between artisans (with his knowledge) and Mr. Francesco Lozano as a marketing and comercial experience. Both parts had accord to create a new brand as Francesco Lozano Shoes, a new concept of handmade shoes, when price and quality can be afford for most of people that appreciate a good work, an artisan work, simply art.