Greymer is an Italian premium fashion brand globally well known, designing and producing footwear, bags and accessories. Greymer’s designers aim to realize every woman’s desire. The collections are all high-quality, beautifully-crafted creations with a “new-chic” touch.

Today, Greymer is managed by Perla Alessandri, the daughter of Luciano Alessandri who founded the company in 1980, in San Mauro Pascoli (Italy) – the famous Italian luxury district.

At the end of the ‘90s, thanks to the addition of new talented designers, targeted marketing strategies, and considerable overall investments, Greymer became a benchmark luxury fashion brand.

Greymer recently launched a second line named MY GREY by Greymer- a fresh and lively collection, which is complementary to our flagship line.

This was mainly due to the company’s increasing domestic and international success and the desire to cater for a wider range of clients’ needs and tastes.

Greymer White is Greymer’s designer wedding shoes line. It’s the perfect blend of tradition, design innovation, and quality.