Harmont & Blaine embodies and interprets light as it reflects off the water, its transparency, the impalpable lightness and unexpected beauty of Water, and combines it with the enveloping silence – never melancholy – of the marine environment; typical of the Lighthouses of the Mediterranean. The colours, once again the undisputed stars of the show, are softer: the reds can be perceived as pinks and the greens merge together and blur into the greys. The timeless “Sailor” theme is contaminated by shocking marine-inspired colours with the addition of deep and eye-catching flashes of colour “stolen” from Lighthouses. Pink and the classic blues become shades inspired by nature, the timeless blue, white and red marine motifs are revisited. The greens and blues of the Water evoke the lightness, naturalness, ephemeral and fluid qualities of the selected fabrics; the pink plaster of the walls of the lighthouse at Capo Spartivento and the green of the metal oxidised by the salt hint at the uniqueness of certain colour combinations created over time by the sun and the sea. The volumes and forms also evolve for the summer, the shirts offering a new interpretation of the idea of patchwork, making it even more luxurious, while the stripes are like free, disorganised patterns. The trousers are softened at the waist with pinch pleats that create volume and are processed with mineral dyes that produce new shades. The knitwear range is enriched, the stitches bring to mind hemp ropes and fishing nets, the traditional cotton is replaced by linen and nubs that break up the surface, the classic jerseys have shorter sleeves and resemble t-shirts.