The brand’s iconic value and great recognisability convey and represent its values in the public eye. The traditional, the unconventional, research, development and innovation are just a few of the key elements that make Jeckerson an icon representing the quality of everything “Made in Italy”.

Trousers, the brand’s core product, stand out for their excellent quality, focus on fit, perfect cut and choice of materials. Designed for all kinds of occasions, they are given an exclusive touch by lively colour combinations and special washes creating surprising, sophisticated effects in the fabrics.

The company’s innovative, creative product range has conquered consumers’ hearts with the classic pillars of Jeckerson styles: an emphasis on fit and use of innovative materials and washes. Details are increasingly in view to guarantee comfort, style and personality. Irony, colour and originality make a Jeckerson garment into a true object of desire. And the trouser, the company’s true core product, is always ready for renewal through quality, experimentation and research.