Jucca is at the head of Market Industrie S.r.L., a company holding also the trademarks: Suoli, .Tessa e Sleep. The concern, with premises in Soliera, in the province of Modena, was set up in 2005 thanks to the initiative of Mr. Federico Zannini, company’s CEO, and Mrs. Lorella Manicardi, fashion designer.

Jucca, the “flagship” brand of the Emilian company, is in the hands of Lorella Manicardi who has created a collection made up of a genuine, spontaneous, gently passionate womanliness. Like that of the Mediterranean woman, who is independent and not tied to a commonplace. And Jucca is able to dress her at any time of day, always making her feel good about herself.

Jucca is a total look that allows to match various articles easily, making the selection a moment of pleasure to be lived with joy and a bit of irony.

The characteristic feature of Jucca collections is the great harmony of colours and styles for an ever-new combination in shape and substance. Even with a few accessories, like a pair of gloves or a necklace.

Therefore, the distribution has followed the philosophy of the Brand. Jucca is in stores dedicated to research, where the customer can have fun in mixing the brand with an everyday article that can be bought more freely.