Laertitia Klein

The family Laetitia Klein was founded by Jelena and Danijel Jakoljevic in 2008. Since then, the brand experienced a rapid Class. Laetitia Klein has taken on the task quality shoes from the best materials and exclusive design to offer it at a fair price. Already one year after the Foundation presented Laetitia Klein on the most important international trade fairs like MICAM in Milan and GDS in Dusseldorf and provided by the exclusive design and high quality of great interest from press and retailers. particular value at Laetitia Klein on the material and the processing of shoes placed.
Laetitia Klein produces many different types of shoes. The models range up to classic elegance of high fashion. comes to quality, nothing is left to chance here. From purchasing the leather to controlling up for sale, each shoe will be reviewed by the directors and only 100% product make it to the end consumer. All shoes are made ??entirely of leather, and besides the classic leather types are also exotic leathers such as snakes . use or stingrays We try to copy a trend - we want to create a trend! Laetiitia small