Born in Padua on traditional craftsmanship of bags and small precious objects created by Marol paresis with his daughter Anna, becomes Malìparmi company in 1977 and since that time the growth is constant and passionate. The first success is due to the bags: made ??with care, and special embroidered, continues with footwear and clothing, which complete the line and consolidate the brand image. Malìparmi, a brand that blends craftsmanship and creative force, is able to renew itself each season while maintaining its uniqueness and its strong roots.

Keeping tradition alive is our secret: look forward remembering the important lesson of the past, using new technologies to reprocess old craft secrets.

Unite in harmony, the unique and the industry. It is our interest to impose a single view of the way they dress.

We want to suggest, give the chance to the woman who buys our products to be able to identify in our choices. And complete with its own personality what we have started.