In 1986, in Vicenza, under the star sign of Aquarius, Marta was born.

Creative and extravagant, she is always looking for something new and stimulating.

Following her artistic instinct, together with her love of travelling, after graduating from the European Institute of Design in Madrid, she moved to Paris and worked with Riccardo Tisci’s team for Givenchy. This was followed by a work experience with the designer Tomaso Stefanelli, in style and product area.

Alongside this, she obtained a Masters degree in Brand Marketing at the prestigious Marangoni Institute in Milan.

Encouraged by her grandfather, the head of their industrial family, she began her adventure, her personal challenge, bringing her passions to life.

Inspired by important contemporary architects, she created a collection with clean-cut, tailored lines, enabling ladies to show off their feminine side, with a touch of class!

Everything made in Italy, of course.