Named to exemplify a wife’s love for her husband Massimo (Max), a businessman always on the go like a fast running horse (cavallino), Max Lallini is a brand that combines Italian elegance with contemporary design.

Corinna Egitto utilized her experience in the fashion industry, working for Sergio Rossi and Fendi Casa, to create a women’s collections close to a design collective of classic m/w shirts & blouses based on the principles of Italian craftsmanship, quality and home service. Choose from a variety of designs, classic, business and slim, and the most prestigious “Made in Italy” fabrics."

Their studio in the historical center of Bologna aims to safeguard Italian craftsmanship and artistry, offering the finest Italian tailored made products. Max Lallini masterpieces include "Chanel" garments, formal and everyday dresses, and bon-ton overcoats. They are a tailor workshop that exemplifies the true meaning of “Made In Italy” and provide the best choices in quality. 

Their women’s collection, both contemporary and elegant, provides a variety of high quality handmade options and their collections of shirts, blouses, tricot, home accessories and jewels all follow the style concept of indulgence and elegance.

Max Lallini highlights contemporary designs and utilizes not only wool bouclè, cotton jersey but batiste linen and silk, each in a variety of colors and patterns. They are soon introducing a men’s collection as well.