My.A Jewellery is a newly launched collection of jewellery pieces that have been individually designed and handcrafted by Myrto Anastasopoulou.

Whilst working as an art therapist, and with a background revolving around the creativee arts-theatre design and sculpture.  She entered the world of jewellery without any formal training, with no preconceived notion of what jewellery should be merely with a fascination towards this elusive art.

Myrto`s pieces follow a fluid, sculptural aesthetic where shapes and curves interact in structured gracefulness, seeking to accentuate and revere each woman’s uniqueness and dynamism.
Myrto’s are unique, individual statement pieces that would look equally as good complimenting a casual look, or dressed up for the evening.

With pieces primarily in sterling silver, most come in a selection of black rhodium, platinum, gold and pink gold platings, as well as a selection of

semi-precious stones. Each piece can uniquely adapted and customized to satisfy individual desires and needs.