The first Pavoni collection was a creation of the queen Vittoria the 1st: very fine and classic, made by the best selection of leather but nameless.

Later, the current owners, Alan Newberry and Albena Taneva, took this high valued product and make it look more fashionable and desirable to attract a broader clientele. Also the name was changed to become more fluent and able to recall the elegance and the charm of the peacocks ( “pavoni” in Italian ).

Pavoni bags and accessories are created in the stunning Abruzzo, in central Italy, between the backdrop of lush mountains and the azure Adriatic Sea.

Each item is carefully hand made, in beautiful leathers and vibrant colors. 

The most exotic materials, including croco, ostrich, snakeskin and pony skin, are also an option you can choose to make your item even more precious.

Brilliant, innovative and creative design, with an emphasis on luxury and distinction; this stunning pieces for both Her and Him give that special something to make clients feel they are wearing the best, without the excess of the big names shout out loud.

Produced in the same factories of the best fashionable brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Alexander McQueen, Chloe and Roberto Cavalli, Pavoni items are able to be excellent but discrete at the same time.

Pavoni believes in "looking toward the future with one eye on the past", to offer the perfect mix between elegance and style.