In a woman’s life, as well as in a man’s one, fashion expresses a relevant part of our personality and

our lifestyle.

Phard mission is to update and renew constantly, with a great creativity and fresh ideas, the apparel

proposals for a daily wear giving a pleasant and rewarding look, that best expresses the personality

of who wears it.

“The female proposals are aimed to emphasize with discretion an elegant and sensual femininity.”


PHARD turns to a woman who lives her daily life with verve and joy.

“A woman that does not like greyness and boredom, so everything must be at least a bit special.”


The Product is a blend of traditional treatment and care combined with the innovative creativity

that catches the genuine and original beauty and the most modern and current cultural motivation,

it turns them into the most interesting themes of our daily wear.

The design is a coordinated result between a pool of experienced people and dedicated designers

always opened to what is trendy and cool in the western world.

Production knows how to select the best opportunities for combining materials, making, finishing,

washing, in order to offer an accurate and relevant “value for money “ to the market.