The first traces of the piacenza family tradition of working with wool are dating back to the end of the seventeenth century. The documents saved prove that the company’s establishment dates back to 1733, as even today shows the company logo.

When the company first embarked on its own manufacturing processes, all the various operations of spinning, weaving and finishing wool and fabrics were still undertaken by hand by local inhabitants in their own homes. The first mechanical looms were already a sign of a production mindset that always looked upon technology and innovation as ways of achieving quality.

Giovanni, son of Carlo Antonio Piacenza, whom in the late 1800’s speeded up the firm’s expansion by opening two new groups of manifacturing plants, was the first in Italy to introduce into the textile field a special and innovative procedure for wool cloths in various designs.

Pollone, a small town located in the alpine foothills of Biella, was the spot chosen for the company’s production. Nature has always palyed a leading role with the Piacenza family. As testimonial of great botanical value, the Felice Piacenza Botanic Gardens at Burcina have one of Italy’s most esteemed collection of rare tall trees and are also famous for the blooming of Rhododendros. This sight has often provided inspiration to the family’s business activities, supporting their creativity and style which are always expressed through sophisticated colour awareness.

After three centuries of business, the quest for new technologies is a leitmotiv of their development: a quest that covers every stage of a new product concept, from selecting raw materials to performing advanced design  research and production tests.

Today’s factory reinforces the historic link between the piacenza tradition and the nature.

Many are the leading fabrics on stage such as superfine merino wools from the australian outback for the 180’s and 200’s, sea island cotton, silk, the finest quality wools, vicuna and alpaca from Perù, but above all the magic of cashmere.

Men’s and ladie’s knitwear collection, integrated by sophisticated accessories are the expression of a style which essential spirit is conveyed by design, colours and refined details.