Playluggage  was born from the graphic designs of Kristjan Luiga, aka “Luix”, an graphic designer specialized mainly in illustrations, album covers and making tattoos.His graphic designs have received numerous design awards, but he is especially proud of his album cover designs for metal brands.

Playluggage is not a regular  suitcase it’s a statement!By combining power and beauty, it is the archetypal suitcase reborn.In addition with the core function of carring luggages and its distinctive design, 
Playluggages incorporates the function of playing a variety of traditional games.
Playluggeges is the destingueshed suitcase for travelers who want to fulfill their dreams and live active lifestyles.
Playluggeges seeks to be a dependable and trustworthy partner for the craziest adventures, and encourages its master to be decisive, honest and bold.
??????????????????????? PLAYLUGGAGE – MAKE YOUR MOVE!