For more than 50 years Foce produces garments in fabric, leather, furs and sherling, meticulous created, always on fashion that express everywhere the Made in Italy. Despite Made  of the collection’s success , in fact, each piece is handcrafted by skilled personnel because  that has always distinguished Foce. The leaders Foce do not follow fashion, they make it.

Project--[Foce]--Singleseason revisits the form, fabric and details of this must wear clothing albeit from a truly contemporary perspective. In the wintertime, field jackets and parkas become true cold-protection wear with padded material or real fur lining. In their summer version, however, they serve as cover-ups in ultra-washed cotton poplin with worn-effect. Project--[Foce]--Singleseason reinterprets military style with a Seattle, grungy flavour by mixing the look of woodcutters and fishermen with the vintage military. Accordingly, Project Foce’s jackets appear as a combination of shirts and fabrics, like jeans and sweaters today. Parkas, field jackets, and peacoats become the basic modules in a collection de-composed, de-constructed, and offered in multiple variations, all in a mixture of craft, culture, and contemporary research. In short, the military look and the army jacket will never lose their cool allure, resurfacing now and then because of their unique style and numerous cultural reminiscences.