The origins of the name “REPLAY” are closely linked to the brand’s mission and to the man who conceived it in 1978.During the World Cup in Argentina, Claudio Buziol saw the word “re-play” flash on the screen for the first time and decided that it would be a perfect name for a clothing line which alluded to the world of vintage by reinterpreting clothing from the past in a contemporary way.That was how the denim and smart casual wear which now accounts for around 85% of the Group’s productioncame into being.A leader in the world of denim, Replay aims its total look at consumers who are looking for quality products and are able to recognise the authenticity of garments which owes itself to painstaking research into materials, textile production and washes. The collections consist of around 1,000 items each season divided into over 15 categories.Distribution is mainly through medium-high end specialised jeans stores, flagship stores and department stores.

The company’s mission has always been to excel  in its innovative style, characteristic Italian design and superior quality of its products; the skill and expertise gained in the production of denim, in particular, is a special, unique asset to the Group.Expansion into new markets and increasing control of the distribution network are key strategic objectives for Fashion Box as well as product vision. At present, Fashion Box operates in all European markets and in the Middle East, Asia America and Africa in over 50 countries. The wholesale distribution network has 5,000 sales outlets with 220 retail stores.