Silvia Terziu Paris

"The woman in my vision has multitasking skills, she takes over various roles during a day, she is seen at any professional and private level, she constantly assumes her role as a mother,

wife, and boss. She is also characterized by strength, interior force witch she combines with many creativity and elegance." said Silvia Terziu

Embroideries are extremely important for this creator. They can be found in most of her creations. The motive why this detail has become so important for the designer is represented by the fact that embroidery creates the difference between simple and sophisticated garment, it underlines the feminine side of a dress and advantages the shapes of a woman’s body.

Another reason why embroidery is in the top of the designer’s preferences is that strictly personal, as, even in childhood, she was taught to embroider by her grandmother. The embroideries are extremely important in the Romanian art and culture. Therefore, this preference is strongly rooted in her past. In order to provide high quality garments, we mention that the embroideries used by her are fully manually manufactured.

Another feature of the garments proposed by Slvia Terziu: They are customizable! We can choose if we want or not an embroidery to our dress, we can choose our own details applied on the garment and the place to situate them; there is as well the freedom to choose the colour and size. Silvia Terziu brand offers a large range of dimensions, with sizes between 36 and 46. All such aspects allow the customization of garments.