The SANDRO FERRONE brand is a well known and respected name in the field of marketing of ladies clothing on the Italian women's wear scene and has become a synonym for a kind of elegance that is never out of place. It was the time of the first post-war "economic miracle", in 1958, when Sandro Ferrone started his first knitwear factory, with three employees making fifteen garments a day. He could hardly have imagined then that fifty years later he would be the owner of one of Italy's leading clothing groups.The SWEET - SIZE collection, designed by SANDRO FERRONE, was created in 2003 for women who wear "sweet sizes" and are not tied down by an obsession for a size 42 at all costs. When people talk about "large sizes" they think of a garment that covers rather than clothes and is usually very classical and also expensive. Sandro Ferrone revolutionises this situation by producing fashionable, trendy garments that enhance a woman's softness and sensuality and suit younger customers also.